This is the website for St. Andrew's Parish Church in Evesham, Worcestershire.

The Parish is on the south side of the River Avon and covers Hampton, Fairfield, Eastwick Park, Charity Crescent and Thistledown.

The Parish is in the Asum South Benefice which includes Bengeworth, Hampton with Sedgeberrow and Hinton on the Green. Our priest ministers to those in all four parishes. 

The Vicar, Revd Mark Binney, can be contacted at Hampton Vicarage on 01386 424235 or mark@hamptonchurch.org.uk

Mark is supported by Elaine Major and Caryl Mills, the Benefice Administrators, who usually work from 9.15am to 1.15pm in the Asum South Benefice Office attached to the Vicarage. The telephone number is 01386 446381. Email asumsouth.office@hamptonchurch.org.uk

The early Church used to hold baptisms on the most important celebration in the Christian year - Easter Day. Candidates were given a course of preparation so that they could understand the Christian faith. The climax of this was when they fasted for 40 days before Easter, imitating the 40 days that Jesus fasted in the wilderness before beginning his ministry. To abstain from excess and devote themselves to prayer had an improving effect on them. Other Christians soon clamoured to be able to do the same. So begun the celebration of Lent...

The Christian faith is essentially about love
– because God is love.

At Christmas we celebrate God’s love for us in coming to share our human life in the person of Jesus. At Easter we celebrate the depths of that love in dying for us, and its triumph over death itself in the resurrection. At Pentecost we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, ‘power from on high’, to enable us to love as God has loved us. It’s as simple as that, really.