The Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Statements from the Bishops of Worcester and Dudley
Bishop John said:
“I was immensely sad to learn of the death of Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She has been on the throne since before most of us were born and has been a constant source of strength, stability and inspiration throughout her long reign. She has been the glue which has held this country and the Commonwealth together and I give heartfelt thanks for her life of selfless service. That service was undergirded and enabled by a deep Christian faith and we now commend her to the God in whom she believed, whose love is stronger than death, as we also pray for members of the Royal Family, particularly our new King. May they be given grace and strength. GOD SAVE THE KING!”

Bishop Martin said:
“Like most people in the UK today, Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II has been the only monarch I have ever known, as she came to the throne ten years before I was born.

My parents lived through World War Two and they particularly remembered how the young princess comforted people whose houses had been destroyed in the Blitz. When I was fifteen, she passed our house during her Silver Jubilee procession around the country. There was a carnival atmosphere and street had been crowded for hours just to see her drive through. Later in life I was privileged to meet HM the Queen in person which was always a delight and privilege.

She was a sincere and prayerful Christian lady. Her Christmas broadcasts often went to the heart of her faith in ways that embraced the diversity of the nation and commonwealth. She lived out her calling to lead this country in the ways of righteousness and peace and was more than worthy of the titles she held under God: Supreme Governor of the Church of England, and Defender of the Faith.

We mourn her passing. May she rest in peace, and rise in glory.”

A prayer on the death of Her Majesty The Queen

Gracious God, we give thanks
for the life of your servant Queen Elizabeth,
for her faith and her dedication to duty.
Bless our nation as we mourn her death
and may her example continue to inspire us;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.