November is the month for remembrance. Amidst the falling Autumn leaves we remember our loved ones at All Souls (5th), who now dwell with God. Only a week later on Remembrance Day (11th) and Remembrance Sunday (12th) we remember the many who have given their lives in time of war for our Country. The poppy is worn at this time as symbol of their sacrifice.

The poet John McCrae wrote the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ in response to the loss of one of his closest friends who was killed in the First World War and buried in a grave decorated with only a simple wooden cross. Wild poppies were already blooming between the crosses that marked the graves of those who were killed in battle. Unable to help his friend or other fallen soldiers, he gave them a voice through his poem. We can give them a voice today, whenever we wear our poppy in the month that we remember.

Mark Binney