Second Lockdown

Following the announcement of a second lockdown from the 5th November public worship has ceased for a month. It is obviously disappointing that the Government has not recognised that worship is not a leisure activity. All of our services had been made COVID secure, so it is difficult to see the justification for not having Worship. There is no evidence that Church Services are the source of infections. Church worship provides vital comfort and support at a time of national crisis.

Individual prayer is still allowed to continue and funeral services (limited to 30 people attending). I am aware that there have been formal protests to the Government from the Church. But it has not helped that the Archbishops voluntarily agreed to the first lockdown. The Government has just assumed that the Church will do the same this time. So unless there is a change of heart from the Government it seems that we will re-start services on the 6th December (2nd Sunday of Advent).

In the meantime I am sending Communion Wafers to those of you who wish to receive the Sacrament in this way. We have also been asked to make this month of lockdown a time of prayer. Details can be found on the Church of England or Diocesan Web site.

The Benefice Office will remain open this month on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. If there us anything we can help you with please phone 446381. I pray that the Lord will sustain and encourage you through this pandemic.