Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

The Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England have urged everyone to follow the instructions given by the Prime Minister to stay in their homes in a national effort to limit the transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It means all Church of England Churches will now be closed until further notice in line with the Government’s instructions. There will also be no Church weddings or Baptisms.

Funerals at the graveside or in crematoriums can still take place but only in line with the Government’s instructions. Funeral Directors and our own Benefice Office can give you the latest information if this affects you. If you are over 70 or in the NHS Vulnerable category it may not be possible to attend. Numbers should be limited to immediate family only.

All of us have a responsibility to avoid non-essential contact. By so doing it is hoped that the worst effects of this Virus will be more limited than would be the case if nothing is done. The elderly and vulnerable need our help and support. Please look out for your neighbours and phone the Benefice Office if you need any help such as supplies. We will do our best in these difficult times.

The Foodbank will be open at Church House, All Saints on Mondays from 11am – 12Noon and Fridays from 11am – 12Noon.

Further information will be given on this website within the coming days and weeks. The Office is now closed to visitors. Contact can still be made by phone in the usual working hours from Monday – Friday. We are working on ways to keep in touch with you and offer Worship resources for Holy Week and Easter.

Further details can be obtained at the Church of England website:

The information will continue to be updated over the coming weeks.

Above all we are urged to pray.

Keep us, good Lord, under the shadow of your mercy in this time of uncertainty and distress. Sustain and support the anxious and fearful, and lift up all who are brought low, that we may rejoice in your comfort knowing that nothing can separate us from your love in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Mark Binney